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Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick – Worth The Hype?

2016 will definitely be remembered as a year of massive upheavals… What with Trump getting elected, Brexit, David Bowie and Prince dying among a whole other host of celebrities – it was certainly an intense year! In the makeup world though, 2016 was without a doubt the year of the liquid lipstick. Sure they’d been around… Continue reading Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick – Worth The Hype?

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NARS Velvet Lip Glides – What’s The Deal?

When NARS announced the release of their new Velvet Lip Glides, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, what is a ‘Lip Glide’ anyway? In the bottle, they kind of look like a classic gloss, but they were advertised as a bit of a liquid lipstick at the same time. Well, I was intrigued.… Continue reading NARS Velvet Lip Glides – What’s The Deal?

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16 Beauty Hits and Misses from 2016

I know people always seem to say this, but I really cannot quite believe another year has gone by… So much has happened in 2016; it’s just been a complete whirlwind! How strange to think that at the beginning of this year I was preparing to make the big move out to Paris, and now I’ve… Continue reading 16 Beauty Hits and Misses from 2016

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Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Review

After finishing the YSL Babydoll Mascara – e.g. my new favourite – I went back to the good old Maybelline Great Lash. The only problem? I just didn’t love it that much anymore! Once I’d dipped my toe into the pool of luxury mascaras, I just couldn’t seem to turn back… So on that note… Continue reading Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Review

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Cleansing Balms 101

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here, which is all down to the fact I’ve been manically working towards my professional marketing qualification. This involved a 16-page assignment, a 9-page assignment, and a 3 hour exam. All while working full time at my actual job. Yep, it’s been a fun… Continue reading Cleansing Balms 101

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NYC Sephora Haul And First Impressions

Now we all know that a trip to New York would be nothing without a little bit of shopping… And if you’re anything like me, which chances are you are as you’re reading this blog, then that will probably include some sort of beauty haul. Since leaving Paris, I’ve been seriously missing the regular trips… Continue reading NYC Sephora Haul And First Impressions